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A close up shot of a work in progress on the vintage knitting machine, red, yellow, blue and yellow yarns.

Custom Order Guide

We offer custom size knits for certain products for an additional price of $50. There are limits since we operate on a vintage knitting machine, but please fill out the following form using the guide and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Step 1: Take a chest measurement at the widest part of your chest.

Step 2: Take a body measurement starting right near the neckline to the hip.

Step 3: Take a sleeve measurement starting from the shown point, down your arm, to your wrist. Have someone help you if possible.

Attention: Please include your unit of measurement (cm and/or inches) when you’re filling out the form.

A custom size guide showing how to take measurements for a custom sized product. Chest width, arm length and body length are displayed.